All the new Android 4.0


Here is a list of new features  :
Overhaul of the design, new APIs, integration of Honeycomb, third party software integration, facial recognition, new menu notification manager data usage and many others.
Upon entry of Andy Rubin, creator of the system, on the stage, the tone is set. As Andy said: "Customers like Android, but do not like it" . For Google, the aim of this new version is to change the minds of users, but also to add simplicity and intuitiveness. For that Andy leaves us a little slogan: "Enchant me, Simplify my life Give me great" .
To do this, Ice Cream Sandwich features a new design with the arrival of a new typeface, designed to be readable on high-density screens.
Another novelty is the removal of physical buttons . The buttons are integrated directly on the screen that hides while using the full screen for videos or games, for example, which are moving with the unit. The action bar can also be integrated into the Google apps like Gmail, G+, ...
Inspired by the third-party software, the widgets are now highlighted and resizable. It is now also possible to add files and applications to change favorite applications at the bottom of screen.
An interesting novelty is also being introduced, the side scan , which closes either: an application in the list of processes, a notification, a tab in the browser, ... Very convenient and easy to use, as is before Google.
A central circle is now available for the lock screen, the screen during a call ... which allows to make several choices very quickly. Such as the refusal to call, which allows you to send a personalized message quickly to the person, or the lock screen to select the camera

the facial recognition is introduced. It can unlock the device, instead of the PIN code, and make autofocus faces for photos.
The notification menu now displays icons for contact messages and menu control for musical applications.
A new keyboard made its appearance, with the possibility of correcting a word with a simple "tap" on it.
The manager of data consumption is also being introduced. Very practical, it can summarize the energy consumption (per application and period), set alerts for selected thresholds, predict future consumption, but also to imitate or prohibit the use of a given application

The browser has now 16 tabs open simultaneously, the bookmarks are now synced with our account, such as Chrome, and it is also possible to save a page to read later in offline.

The photo application also had the right to an overhaul.As said earlier, it is now accessible via the lock screen. She now has a filter and a panorama function.

The address book evolves People app , which add information, such as photos taken in HD personal accounts (Twitter, Facebook, ...).

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