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                Piracy: Android is it so easy to hack?
Android OS would be considered for piracy. This debate is back on the scene after the irritation of a developer, Matt Gemmell.

 Android for hackers would appear like a shadow, because piracy software would be easy.Matt Gammell has an argument that highlights the problems experienced by the OS. he shows the annoyance especially with the new leadership of the OS. This would tend to facilitate the work of pirates at all levels. he says that the Play Store or Android have been designed especially to encourage piracy.

It would be easy to illegally download and install an application (charge). This process is not as easy for the IOS. This needs to be cracked before that for some can be easy, but it still requires knowledge. The task would be much easier on Android as stipulated Gizmodo.

The publisher MadFinger Games was a victim of the phenomenon of piracy as explained. The studio behind ShadowGun decided to spend in free mode Trigger Dead, "the main reason is the piracy rate on Android." Indeed, 80% of users have obtained in the hacking. However, it costs 99 cents, would it be free means to fight against this phenomenon?
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Muhammad Amir said...

This needs to be cracked before Dan that for some can be easy, but it still requires knowledge.

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