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 In July 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc.., A small startup that developed mobile phone applications. It was at this time that rumors about the entry of Google into the mobile sector started. But nobody was about, in what markets they would be positioned.

After this acquisition, Google, a team led by Andy Rubin, a former Android Inc., began working on an operating system for mobile devices based on Linux. 2 years before the OHA is officially created, a number of rumors have circulated about Google. It has been said that Google was developing mobile applications for its search engine, they developed a new mobile phone, etc..


In 2007, November 5, OHA has been officially announced, and its purpose. Develop standards for open source mobile device.
The first standard was announced Android, a platform for mobile devices based on Linux kernel 2.6.

In September 2008, the first stable release of the SDK is out, to date the latest version is 1.2

by the year of 2012, was the announce of the android 4.1 witch has more advanced featured and applications and a lot of developement 
The android Progress from his 1st appearance

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