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NAVIGON Europe - GPS navigation
GPS navigation for Europe.

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download NAVIGON Europe 4.1.3.apk said...

i am using JXD make china mobile handset I want know whether these handsets are safe to use ? How can we test these handsets for radiation as many people tell that china handsets are giving more radiation and are unsafe 2 use?

yaSSéùù Hakkani said...

hey there,there is no conclusive position by the specialistes *The Radiologists,Doctors,operaters...cuz Mobile phone manufacturers would flaunt the *Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)* value in your face,saying that their phone’s an handsets radiation is well below the prescribed safety limit.But about market Chinese phones & handsets thy don't have nothing on their sales package about this.So i'm not sure enaugh about the radiation. although a friend of mine have told me that chinese handsets could be harmful.
wish that could help you. take care man.

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