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Android Games : Jaws™ Revenge

Jaws is the English title of the film Teeth of the Sea So you can imagine this is a game shark for your Android Tablet. Our friend the shark, brave beast if any, will walk kindly. And now that swimmers, fish, boats, helicopters or gliders were all given an appointment right under his nose?


It's lucky day! Eat everything that passes and moves (not to be confused with the rocks that pass but do not move) to score maximum points. The game takes place in the form of internships where you goals to achieve. For example, eating swimmers X, X eat boats (as a general rule you should eat something good, but you're a shark must not ask too much either). With the money raised on the road, buy upgrades to increase the performance of the shark.

 some previews:


                Jaws Revenge ingame2


                 Jaws Revenge mondes

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