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Android Games : Call of Mini-Zombies

You guessed it, Call of Mini Zombies is a game full of zombies android with it. In fact, apart from you, we can say that there is that. Nurses, Dogs, ghost dogs, big or CRS mastards have all become zombies. Only love you as you are well aware that you can not leave them in this state there. Take your big gun and shoot me everything.

Call of Mini - Zombies

Featuring nice graphics, Call of Mini Zombies proposes a species-survival mode scenario where you go from a map to another to clean waves of zombies. But its strength is its multiplayer modes. Either Coop: you help each other to destroy the enemy waves, versus either.
An excellent stress relief maps where little is offset by the multiplayer modes. Frankly nice! Be careful though with your budget in the game The game is free and the publisher hope that you buy credits with real money for the zombie poutrer with class and comfort.

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