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Android Games : Chick’n Speed

Life in the backyard is not always folichon. To animate it a little, you've decided to mix the useful and the pleasant organizing racing hens and chickens (normal). The first that comes to food! and no mercy for losers!

                                                                     Chick n Speed

Losers will be certainly one of your loved ones. Because this is where all the originality, not to mention the foundation, Chick'n Speed: multiplayer. Need to download if you are a hermit mountains, it will necessarily be two for fun. Up to 4 players, each competitor is given a corner of the tablet. A button allows you to run (tapping) or send buffs (holding down). Then? Bring your chicken to the finish line by using the best boost.

 some previews:

        chick n speed accueil


        chick n speed finish


                         <<Download HERE>>:

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